Pearsall Park: From Wasteland to Wonderland

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Pearsall Park in San Antonio is 526 acres of rolling grass hills speckled with walking/biking trails, dog parks, playgrounds, splash pads, skate parks, picnic tables, basketball courts, outdoor fitness equipment, art installations and more. Looking at this beautiful park, you’d never guess that it is laid over the top of the former District 4 municipal landfill.

Pearsall Park was transformed from wasteland to wonderland and is now San Antonio’s largest park. This community has taken an eyesore dump and repurposed it into a sprawling, picturesque recreational area that has something for everyone in the community.

Park Place Recreation Designs is proud to have been involved in such a wonderful community rehabilitation project.

If you are interested in refurbishing or building a park in your neighborhood, school, church or community, we’d love to discuss your ideas and plans. Contact us directly to talk with one of our playground specialists today.

Explore the newly rennovated Pearsall Park through the eyes of a drone in the video below. Visit our website to see more of our recent projects.

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