Outdoor Musical Instruments from Percussion Play

Schools & Outdoor Education

Incorporating musical instruments into your play space encourages kids of all ages to engage in creative, open-ended play. With instruments designed to "never produce a bad note", kids can create freely & express themselves, engaging with multiple senses through exploration and improvisation.

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Nature & Harmony

Percussion Play's outdoor instruments are constructed of durable materials, require little maintenance, and are a unique and interactive addition to an outdoor community space. Hands-on interaction is encouraged naturally, providing a way for every member of the family to play alongside each other in a fun, physically active way. Outdoor instruments are a dynamic addition to nature trails, playgrounds, and sound gardens.

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Inclusive Play

Inclusive outdoor music spaces allow people of all ages and abilities to participate as both a performer and listener. They provide opportunities for members of a community to share experiences, learn together, and have fun. Percussion Play's instruments are easy to interact with, sound great however they're played, and encourage creative expression and coordination through tactile and auditory exploration.

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