5 Reasons Recess is Important in Schools

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More and more schools seem to be placing priority on test scores and pushing other important things, like recess, to the side. Many think of recess as unnecessary – a break from learning or “free time” for the kids, but there is much more to recess than that. Recess is an important time for kids to learn skills that are a large part of their development into adulthood.

Here are 5 reasons that recess is important:

Playing at recess has physical benefits. Playing at recess provides kids with much needed physical activity AND allows them to fine tune motor skills and build muscle.

The interaction that takes place at recess has social and emotional benefits. Recess is an ideal place for kids to interact with their peers learning key social skills and how to function in a group. It gives them the opportunity to practice controlling their emotions and interacting appropriately in different situations. On the playground kids learn to negotiate, problem solve, share, co-operate and communicate in the right ways.

Recess provides cognitive and academic benefits. Students need a break in the uniformity of their day. Recess allows them a different kind of learning, while still getting a break from the classroom learning. Once they go back to the classroom their minds are refreshed and able to concentrate better and continue to learn more.

A break for recess leads to better behavior in the classroom. Just like recess improves cognitive and academic skills by providing kids with a break in routine, it also improves their attitude. Think about going to work and never receiving a break from your desk…your attitude would probably be poorer than if you received a break from the monotony of the work, right? It’s the same for kids during the school day.

Children have fun during recess. Let kids be kids! They need to burn energy and have fun whenever they can – especially during the long school days!

Test scores and academics may be important, but allowing kids the opportunity to develop lifelong physical, emotional and cognitive skills, as well as get a much needed break from the regular day-to-day of school, is invaluable.

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