Miracle Mega Tower

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All kids are different, but we’re pretty sure there is at least one thing they all have in common: they all want to be older and taller (kids are CRAZY.) While we don’t have any play structures that can make children feel older, we do have a bunch that can make them feel a lot taller!

Tall playgrounds create an exhilarating play experience for children of all ages, but they also encourage more physical activity on the playground. The taller the structure, the more climbing the kids have to do to reach the top; and climbing is good because it helps improve their balance and coordination, as well as develop spatial awareness.

Miracle Recreation’s Mega Tower structure reaches up to 25 feet tall and has some of the highest enclosed slides in the industry. When kids play on a Mega Tower playground, they feel like they’re at the top of the world!

Mega Tower structures are one of the many featured products in Miracle Recreation’s Playground Sale. Check them out and build your perfect playground today!

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