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Project Highlight: Nature Playgrounds

Posted by Park Place Rec Content Team on Jul 27, 2017 1:42:55 PM



Getting kids away from screens – TV, video games, and cell phone apps – and outside to play has become an everyday challenge for most parents. Getting the kids outside to play is more important than most people realize. It isn’t just about physical exercise and a healthy dose of sunshine (aka vitamin D), although those are both very important reasons. Another major reason kids need to hit the playground is for their development. Basic playground activity helps kids development in body awareness, fine & gross motor skills, problem solving, dealing with emotions, social skills, flexible thinking, and communication skills – to name a few.

So how do we get kids off the couch and to the playground? Well, a good start is having a playground that is creative and unique; something different than your average playground.

Nature themed playgrounds are a great way to make a playground unique. Nature playgrounds incorporate the surrounding landscape into an outdoor play area. They can be custom designed and use any aspect of nature: boulders, trees, logs, streams, animals, etc. Not only are nature playgrounds more aesthetically pleasing, but they are unique and encourage kids to use their imagination while playing.

One of our most recent nature playground projects was for Cathedral Rock Park in San Antonio. Play equipment emerges from a big treehouse toward the center of the playground. Natural colors, animals, and wooden elements make this playground visually appealing and distinctive. Cathedral Rock Park is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors, with plenty of nature trails and scenery…now they have a nature playground to match!

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Cathedral Rock Park in San Antonio:

TX_CathedralRock_Details_LTC_2016_082.jpg TX_CathedralRock_Details_LTC_2016_101.jpg TX_CathedralRock_Details_LTC_2016_107.jpg TX_CathedralRock_Details_LTC_2016_098.jpg TX_CathedralRock_Details_LTC_2016_002.jpg TX_CathedralRock_Details_LTC_2016_063.jpg  TX_CathedralRock_03_LTC_2016_012.jpg TX_CathedralRock_Details_LTC_2016_079.jpg TX_CathedralRock_Details_LTC_2016_118.jpg



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